Who We Are

David Gombos

President & Founder

US Tech Start Foundation

For years, David Gombos worked in the technology field, and he constantly met with brilliant inventors and engineers from all over the world. David knew their passion and innovation were yielding some truly great products, but introducing those products to American customers often seemed daunting. Now, David’s own passion is for helping international businesses enter the U.S. market, as effectively and profitably as possible. He founded US Tech Start as a company devoted to providing a U.S. business presence that foreign companies need to compete—and succeed—in America.

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About US Tech Start

What US Tech Start Does

US Tech Start works with companies to develop a game plan that not only meets their sales expectations, but also falls within their budget. As the client, you decide how much capital you wish to invest in establishing your U.S. market profile. David and the US Tech Start team will devise a full business strategy to fit within that budget, including sales and account management, marketing and public relations, customer service, and more.

Start Your U.S. Business Today

Many truly brilliant products don’t make it to the U.S. because the makers of those products think it’s simply too expensive to expand their business stateside. At US Tech Start, however, there’s no entrepreneur who can’t afford to establish an American presence. The US Tech Start sales and operations teams will use their full range of resources to work with any budget and help establish your products in this country. To partner with US Tech Start and learn more about how we open doors for international entrepreneurs eager to establish a domestic presence, contact us today.