Our Clients

Quintum Technologies

Quintum’s switching/gateway solutions are deployed worldwide.

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Cloud based mobile app that allows users to unlock the full potential.

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U4EA Technologies

U4EA Wireless, Inc. provides Wi-Fi mobility solutions and networking protocol software .

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Global Motor Services<

Ride Vehicles is a manufacturer of Electric Vehicles distributed by Global Motor Services.

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US Tech Start prides itself in staying on the cutting edge of new technology—which is why we work with so many clients offering advanced, innovative products and services, including cloud technology, mobile apps, software as a service (SaaS), telecom, wireless, data, and voice. We have helped companies not only to establish a U.S. presence and increase their revenues, but even to go public on the NASDAQ. We have also helped our clients to receive major media exposure, from outlets as influential as Forbes and FOX News. Take a look at some of the work we’ve done on behalf of our clients—and contact us for information about how to become a client of US Tech Start!