Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to bring a business into the United States?  

Working through US Tech Start will cost you a mere fraction of the cost involved with establishing a U.S. business presence on your own. The greatest myth about bringing an overseas business into America is that it will prove too expensive; we will work with you to develop a budget that you’re comfortable with, and ultimately to ensure that our services present you with the most cost-effective method for doing business in America.

How does US Tech Start really help my business?  

We have a wealth of experience in introducing products to the American market, and we use proven business models to develop your sales pipeline and establish your brand in the U.S. Essentially, we become your United States presence, something that can maximize your chances of success in the U.S. market while keeping your overhead expenditures and other business expenses to a minimum.

To what extent will US Tech Start engage with my business?  

We are zealous about learning your business inside and out—which means both mastering your products and also identifying and understanding the objectives of your competition. By adhering to these principles we craft a course of action on how you can ultimately make the biggest impact in the U.S. We are also committed to constantly communicating with you through every step of our process, keeping you fully aware of business developments in the U.S.

What services does US Tech Start offer?  

We pride ourselves in treating your business like it’s our business, and want to become a comprehensive solution for bringing your company into America. As such, we offer full sales support and sales pipeline development; technical support and customer service; marketing and public relations; management and administrative services; and a willingness to work with you to build a budget you’re comfortable with.