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US Tech Start Overview

For companies seeking to bring their products and services into the United States as affordably and effectively as possible, US Tech Start provides a crucial gateway. Our passion is for helping our clients take their successful businesses and make them prosperous in the U.S., whether through offering our superior marketing know-how or providing comprehensive sales development. We have met with talented inventors and engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs from all over the world, and our desire is for helping them turn their ideas into thriving U.S. businesses. For any company seeking to establish an American presence and get their products to U.S. customers with convenience and ease, US Tech Start offers a full array of solutions.

With years of expertise in business management, marketing, and sales, the pros at US Tech Start are zealous for helping your overseas business navigate the different challenges that can sometimes occur when bringing products stateside. We’ll do all the legwork of becoming your U.S. presence and cultivating your brand in our markets—minimizing overhead while maximizing your stateside impact. The services offered at US Tech Start include:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Operations and administration
  • Public relations
  • Business development
  • Customer Service

American business opportunities abound for your business—and US Tech Start represents the most profitable and effective way to take advantage of them! Contact us today for more information about how US Tech Start can help find business success in the American marketplace.