Featured Services

Executive Leadership

When you bring your business into the United States with US Tech Start, you’ll receive the strategic guidance of experienced business leaders, able and willing to treat your business like it’s their business.

Business Development

Looking to bring a successful overseas business into the U.S.? US Tech Start will help you create strategic partnerships for domestic business development.

International Business Services

At US Tech Start, we know how to manage and run a successful business within the American marketplace; we’ll give you peace of mind that we’re helping you to attain the utmost in success and profitability.


Managing & Budgeting Services

Bringing a business to the United States can provide you with incredible opportunities for boosting sales and building your brand—especially if you partner with US Tech Start to implement your American presence. Our mission is to treat your business like it’s our business, and to assist you in managing your U.S, business smoothly and efficiently. With years of experience and a desire to work within your budget to ensure the highest level of service, US Tech Start can help you by offering a full range of administrative services.

  • US Tech Start will operate your American subsidiary, making you a
         true stateside entity at minimum cost to you.
  • We will be your U.S. presence, allowing you to do business with
         American clients without incurring new overhead and business
         establishment costs.
  • We can assist with your United States capital generation and provide
         full business development on your behalf.
  • US Tech Start will offer full communication, always keeping you
         apprised of what’s going on with your business in the United States.

To find out more about partnering with us to bring your business into the United States, and to take full advantage of our management services, contact US Tech Start today.