Featured Services

Inside Sales

The seasoned sales team at US Tech Start will assist you with everything from prospecting to lead generation, calling upon a wealth of experience working in the U.S. marketplace.

Outside Sales

Our sales executives are experienced and equipped to represent your company. We are committed to learning your products inside and out, and to highlighting them before top American business leaders.

Pipeline Development

The sales professionals at US Tech Start are well-versed in what’s happening in the U.S. marketplace. Their passion is for channeling this knowledge into the construction of a realistic sales pipeline for your business.


Sales Development Services

What does it take to make your product successful in the American market? It takes an array of sales development services that only US Tech Start can offer. Our team of seasoned sales professionals are ready and able to give you the U.S. sales presence that you need to ensure that your products are profitable domestically. Some of the sales features offered by US Tech Start include:

  • Full sales pipeline development and management. US Tech Start will
         work with your business to determine the most effective sales strategy,
         whether it’s direct sales or channel-based.
  • A full analysis of your products and the best channels for selling them
         in the United States.
  • Constant communication. We’ll be talking with you on a regular basis,
         keeping you up-to-date on sales strategies and informing you of the
         progress we’re making on your behalf.
  • A team of high-level sales executives, acting as your full-time sales
         presence in the U.S.
  • An account management team, made up of sales professionals working
         to solicit and close new accounts, handle all inquiries, offer quotes, and
         manage your sales pipeline, including setting up new appointments and
         regularly contacting prospects.

At US Tech Start, we’ll commit ourselves to working within your budgetary parameters, gaining an understanding of your products, and positioning them for maximum impact in the U.S. Contact us today for more information on our full range of sales services!