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Business Development

Looking to bring a successful overseas business into the U.S.? US Tech Start will help you create strategic partnerships for domestic business development.
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Pipeline Development

The sales professionals at US Tech Start are well-versed in what’s happening in the U.S. marketplace. Their passion is for channeling this knowledge into the construction of a realistic sales pipeline for your business.
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Marketing Communication

US Tech Start has the resources necessary to take your products to local trade shows and to effectively communicate your message to the end customer.
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US Tech Start Vision

At US Tech Start, our vision is to open doors for international entrepreneurs to successfully bring their business into the United States; we want to work within your budget to do whatever is necessary to give your products every opportunity to compete in the American market.

What we do at US Tech Start is establish your business as an American subsidiary, an entity that is managed and overseen by us but totally controlled by you. As such, we offer a full range of services that include:

  • Sales pipeline development and account management, including
         both direct and channel-based sales.
  • Marketing, promotional activity, and public relations.
  • Full customer service, including U.S. help-desk and technical
         support capabilities.
  • Business management and administration.

At US Tech Start, we treat your business like our business, and ensure that your brand is built and your products provided every chance to deeply penetrate the American market. For more information about making us your American presence, contact US Tech Start today.