Featured Services

Order Management

US Tech Start will manage orders in a way that fits with your existing system, or we’ll create a new, customized system that makes sense for your U.S. business needs.

Technical Support

US Tech Start hires diverse technical support personnel, dedicated to learning your products inside and out and providing peerless, U.S.-based support to your customers.


US Tech Start’s customer service and support team is zealous for solving any customer challenges that might arise, even if not technical in nature. We’ll be the U.S. presence your customers can depend on.

Customer Services

Developing Customer Relations

A big part of building your brand and establishing your presence in the United States is developing relationships with your customers. That’s something US Tech Start can help you accomplish. With years of experience in American technology sales, we know how to cultivate your sales channel in the U.S., and we also know how to help you develop positive long-term relationships with your American customers.

  • The customer service experience US Tech Start offers includes:
  • Sales engineering. Our team will work to provide strong pre-sales
         customer support, making sure that all inquiries are answered and
         that potential clients are given consistently high standards of service.
         Our job, in short, is to make deals happen on your business’ behalf!
  • Facilitation of a full U.S. presence. Your clients will know you’re
         always within reach should any questions or concerns arise, because
         US Tech Start will establish U.S. phone numbers and a U.S. help desk
         service for your business. Should technical support issues occur, your
         clients will always know who to call, and they’ll always know their
         questions will be promptly addressed..
  • Long-term relationships with your clients. We’ll develop bonds with
         them and communicate with them regularly, ensuring their full
         satisfaction with your business and with your products.

To learn more about the customer service options US Tech Start can provide, and to start establishing your business presence in the American marketplace, contact us today.