Featured Services

Brand Management

The marketing professionals at US Tech Start will start with the brand you’ve already developed, and then build on it to create a brand presence that will succeed in the United States.

Marketing Communication

US Tech Start has the resources necessary to take your products to local trade shows and to effectively communicate your message to the end customer.

Public Relations

Selling your products to U.S. customers means getting those products noticed by the U.S. media—and US Tech Start is equipped to provide you with the strategic media presence you need.


Marketing & Promotional Services

Bringing a product into the United States is all about establishing a brand image and defining the message you provide to customers—and on both fronts, US Tech Start can offer the marketing and promotional services you need to compete. Our mission is to help your international business thrive in the U.S. We’ll work within your budget to provide a full range of marketing and brand management services, including:

  • Marketing professionals dedicated to clearly and effectively defining
         your message for customers.
  • A strong sense of what appeals to U.S. consumers, and how your
         product can fit within that mold.
  • Strong public relations abilities; in the past, US Tech Start has
         engineered coverage in Forbes, FOX News, and more.
  • The creation and management of lead generation programs.
  • A well-defined marketing plan that takes into account both your brand
         image and the strengths and weaknesses of your U.S. competitors.
  • Strategic press releases, designed to build maximum interest in your

Partner with a company that has the skill and experience necessary to find the perfect fit for your products within the American market; contact US Tech Start and ask about our marketing services today.